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1. Component

Please send us your component drawing showing the following details:

  1. Which surfaces are to be machined?

    (Please indicate in drawing)

  2. Clamping diameter with tolerance:

    (For multiple clampings or family of parts, please mark appropriately in the drawings.)


  3. Which end surface can be used as an axial backstop?

    (Please indicate in drawing)

  4. Permissable TIR between clamping diameter and machined diameters:



  1. Material:


  2. Hardened:


     yes   no

  3. Number to be machined per year:


  4. Does the backstop surface run true in relation to the clamping diameter?


     yes   no


2. Function

Clamping tool is intended for:
















Max. Speed:




How many tools are engaged simultaneously?

(Please enter in the component drawing and mark tools I, II, III, IV etc.)


Tool I II
Cutting Depth (mm)
Feed (mm/U)
3. Machine

Machine tool manufacturer and type of machine:



Component axis:






Mounting of clamping fixture:


 between centres


 flange mounted


 taper mounted


Tailstock with life centre:







Standard designation of spindle flange, mounting taper:



or drawing of spindle head, if necessary with connecting dimensions for pull or pushrod.


Max. load capacity of the spindle:  kg


Adjustment range of power actuation device:


pullforce from N to N

pullforce from N to N


Clamping actuation:




 power actuation (in machine spindle)


 by a central spring pack


 double acting piston implemented into clamping fixture








 by cylinder in the machine spindle


 hydraulically (by single acting piston)


4. Consumo previsto
  Quantity required: 
5. Anexos

Allowed file formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, PDF, AutoCAD, STEP, DXF, XLS, DOC, TXT





(max. 30 MB file size)

6. Further notes

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By accepting the box you agree to receive information about our company and our news (products, catalogs ...).

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